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Friday, February 24, 2012

Maybe No More Whining

Ok, so after yesterday's whiny post, I went running and then to the gym to meet with a personal trainer. This one is not the same one I'd been meeting with. I keep thinking that my "intro" personal trainer meetings are over, and then they tell me that I have more to do!

This was the same trainer that did the nutrition section of my original set of sessions. She also kicked my butt one day with core exercises - my gym has a "Ab Express" class a couple times a day that is a 15 minute drop in class right out in the fitness area with a trainer. The day I did it, I was the only one that showed so I had 15 minutes of one on one time with a trainer out to kill my abs!

Anyway, so I met with her last night and we basically went over my results again - measurements, weight, body fat percentage. Once again, I was down another 1/2 inch in my hips and 3/4 inch in my waist. The body fat scale said that my body fat percentage has dropped 1.5% since I had it checked the end of January. I've gained 1.5 pounds since then, but that was the only bad number.

So, basically, I need to just shut up.

This was the last set of results that I'll do with a trainer, but my gym does results days every month, where you come in and they do all of your measurements and weight and body fat. I'm thinking that maybe it's in my best interest to just go to the results days and get my information then and stop using my home scale altogether. If I truly want to not care about my weight, I need to stop caring about it. Right?

Easier said than done, that scale is addictive.

Tuesday, I go back to the gym to meet with this trainer again and she'll give me a whole new workout to do. I'm pretty excited about it. I love my gym so much.

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Mary said...

Take the scale out of your house. Hell, if you don't want to get rid of it outright, I'll hold it for you in case you feel like you need it back in a few months. Because if the scale is, at this point, the only thing that makes your crazy show, then, get rid of it.

lindsay said...

The scale is addictive, but if your clothes fit good and body fat is going down -- you are doing well!

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