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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick Update

My mom was in the hospital last week. She has some sores on her legs that are left over from her varicose veins that she's had removed over the last couple of years. The sores wouldn't heal, and she's struggled to get the medical care that she needs for them. Frankly, the doctors have just shrugged them off.

Then, she went on a cruise a couple of weeks ago. Along the way she picked up a staph infection, specifically MRSA. If you're not familiar, that's the "bad kind" of staph, and she ended up with a pretty high fever, which she promptly ignored. After some convincing, she went to the ER, and ended up spending 4 nights in the hospital getting some hefty antibiotics. She's still on them, but she is home now. I won't go into detail, but the medicare system enrages me.

All of this just makes me worry more about my own veins, but for now mine are pretty stable. I had mine removed last year in my left leg. My right leg is showing some signs of needing some attention, but it will take some time before I need surgery again.  I think.

So, that's what has been up. Not a lot of other news to report, I'm still just doing my thing :)

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1 comment:

lindsay said...

i'm not on medicare, but trust me the medical system is soo frustrating!! i am so tired of trying to find a doctor who will listen + think + try to figure out what's going on. i am clearly not a doctor, i don't know what needs to be done, but yet they ask me what i want to have done... argh.

glad your mom is doing better!

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