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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stats as of 28 February 2012

February 2011
24.9 miles
5 hours, 11 minutes
Avg Pace: 12:29/mile

February 2012
65.2 miles -- 40.3 miles more than in 2011
13 hours, 47 minutes -- 8 hours, 36 minutes longer than in 2011
Avg Pace:  12:41/mile -- 12 seconds slower than in 2010

Year Totals for 2012:
126.3 miles @ 12:44 pace

I totally forgot to post this at the beginning of this month. So far, March has been a crazy month so far and clearly this just slipped my mind.

So, last year, I was still in Indonesia until February 12, so I went basically half the month with no runs at all. Even so, I didn't just double the mileage this year, I almost tripled it. The difference is that last year I was training for a half marathon in May, and this year I was training for one in March (which I ran yesterday, more on that later).

This was a pretty good month for running, and I had some pretty good runs. Honestly, though, I don't have anything that really stands out to mention. I'm just kind of going through the training, running my runs and doing my thing.

In other exercise news, I am continuing my swimming - I logged 6750 meters in the pool in February. I still haven't made it on to the bike, but I'm also getting my strength training in (and yoga when I can).

So, more later. I'm clearly a little behind on posts (secret: I was out of town March 2-11), so more to come later this week...

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1 comment:

Black Knight said...

A good month with 65.2 miles running and 6750 meters swimming. Congrats.

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