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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Foodie Flame Wars

I read with interest an article on earlier this week with the headline White Bread Kills. The article basically goes into a little history about various breads - white vs wheat, homemade vs. store bought and the fears through time that have come up for each one. Right now, it's "the thing" to favor whole wheat over white bread, and to always favor homemade vs factory processed. However, back in the early part of the 20th century, it was recommended to buy factory made bread because of questions about the hygiene of making it at home. Of course, now we have a lot of fears about gluten and preservatives.

As I read the comments on the article, which went on and on, I started wondering about the attitudes and the judgmental nature that we seem to have about what other people eat. It seems that lately we've become very very judgey as a society about what people put into their bodies - and for some reason people think that it's everyone elses businesses what you are eating. I understand why - it all boils down to a health issue, but I think we might just be using too many blanket statements out there to try and figure out what is "healthy."

I read the comments on that article and hear "blah blah blah... glycemic index... blah blah blah... gluten... blah blah blah..." But then, everything has a smack of self righteousness.
...parents should feel guilty if they feed their children white Wonder Bread.
Really? That is what parents should feel guilty about? Because I eat some stuff occasionally that I consider "junk." I eat processed stuff. I avoid it, but I do eat it now again, especially if I want a treat or I'm in a hurry. I must not be doing too bad because I had blood taken in February and found that everything is well within the "normal" range -- even though I don't eat perfect all the time.

I've read other running blogs or other healthy living blogs where someone has gone off on a rant about a mother in a grocery store putting junk food in her cart, or someone whose friend feeds her children Lunchables or some such. Since when did what other people eat become our business? Since when did we start assuming that when you see someone eating a candy bar that candy bars must be a huge part of their diet?

This is a plea from me to you - if you eat healthy and you do what works for you, great. But, if you find yourself judging a stranger or a friend about what they're eating at a particular meal, stop. Just, stop. Today's fads will be gone soon.

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Mary said...

Can I Like this, even though it's not on Facebook?

Carly D. @ CarlyBananas said...

Amen! Not everyone who likes junk food is a drain on the health care system. I eat more than my fair share of less than healthy food - at this time I'm munching on some gummy bears - but I work out 5 days a week, my weight is well within the healthy range, and my cholesterol & blood pressure are healthy. Why should I feel bad if I want my sandwich on a piece of white bread sometimes? I completely refuse to.

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