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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Little To Say...

Gosh, I've just got so little to blog about lately.

So, here's a photo.

This is me, Erin, Jessica and Becky. We were all friends starting in the 6th grade. Then, between 8th and 9th grade, Jessica moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland - and that Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a HUGE barrier when you're that age. In 11th grade, Becky moved to Arizona. Erin and I stayed in Annapolis and have kept in touch off and on, but I haven't seen Jessica since 2001 and Becky since 1995. Becky recently moved back to Maryland and we are all back in the same state now (although opposite ends - I live almost in Pennsylvania now and Jessica lives at the Southern end of the state). So, we met for brunch on Sunday.

It was like old times! So weird to be all grown up and stuff though.

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Black Knight said...

What a beautiful meeting. In Italy we call this kind of meeting "rimpatriata" (the literal meaning is "coming back to the native land" but it is a meeting with lunch/dinner with old friends).

lindsay said...

how cool! most people get 'too busy' to bother trying to catch up with old friends. obviously you are all a special group of friends!

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