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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ocean City Island to Island Half Marathon 2012

Saturday was my third half marathon this year, which is a lot for me. The first was the Disney Marathon Relay in January, followed by the Rock and Roll USA Half in March, and now this was the Island to Island Half Marathon in Ocean City, Maryland.

Todd and I headed down to the beach on Friday afternoon. I had packet pickup at the Francis Scott Key .Resort. No expo, just a packet pickup. I ran into a couple of fellow runners there. We had some time to spare before dinner, so we relaxed for a little bit. My mom has a condo in Ocean City, so we were staying there.
Pretty sunset over the bay at dinner

We met the running group at dinner at Fresco's. We were a big group (17 of us), but it worked out pretty well.  Delicious food, and we were treated to a beautiful sunset view over the bay as we started dinner.

I was up early on Saturday, and I wasn't sure what to wear. My phone said 38 degrees (but the sun hadn't risen yet), so I put on capri pants and a long sleeve and a vest. It was against my better judgement, which said shorts and a long sleeve. Guess where this is going?  I was hot. Bad choice.

Todd dropped me off at the Ocean City Inlet, where the race started. I met up with our huge group and week took some photos. Thank goodness for small races, I was able to get up only about an hour and 15 minutes before the race, and I only waited about 30 minutes for the race to start.

The race started at 7:30. I headed off by myself, I chose not to run with the group. I was doing 1 minute 15 seconds of running and one minute of walking. The course first looped around the boardwalk and pier, and this part of the course was super crowded. I ended up skipping a walk break at one point and I was really sort of pulled along a lot. at mile one, just before crossing the bridge out of Ocean City, I looked at my watch and saw that I did the first mile in 10:40.  WOA. That's pretty fast for me.  I knew that I probably couldn't keep up that pace, so I slowed it a bit.

The course headed out of Ocean City towards Assateague. I kept up at a pretty good pace, around 11:30-11:45 per mile for several miles. By then, I was hot. I was seriously regretting the vest and wished that I had short sleeves or shorts or SOMETHING. I tried carrying it, but that totally sucked. I ended up unzipping it and just doing my best with it. There was no wind at all. We were off of the ocean, so the wind just wasn't getting through. Temperatures had risen into the 50s.
The group before the race

Let me be clear though - I've run in races that were over 85 degrees, this wasn't THAT bad.

The course looped through a neighborhood and through some pastures. Then, it turned back on to the main road. At this point, we were running on the shoulder and the road was not closed. Part of the shoulder was taken up by those divots that make noise when you run off of the road, so in most places there was only room for runners to run two abreast. Such a narrow course really stinks for a Galloway runner. I found myself constantly having to get people's attention who were running with their friends and/or wearing headphones and not paying attention to me.

I was still on PR pace, but I was getting tired. I promised myself that I could think about switching intervals at mile 10. So, when I got that mile, I decided to switch from 1:15 & 1s to 1:1s. I knew I could keep up my pace at 1:1s. It worked out well, and I stayed in pace for another couple of miles.

We came upon the bridge, and it was looming in the distance. It looked huge, so I decided to switch my intervals to 30:30 so that I could be sure I'd easily get up the hill.  It worked out fine, the hill wasn't as big as it looked from far away.

I ended up sticking with the 30:30s. I turned the corner towards the finish line and my time was 2:31 something. My PR was 2:33:38, so I knew that I needed to run it in to get it. I hate running it in! But, I did. I managed to run the rest of the way! Yay! My watch said I set a new PR, but I just didn't trust it. It was too close.
The group at the finish
I waited at the finish line for the rest of the group. The only things that they had at the finish were cookies and water. The line for the buses taking us to the finish party was LONG. It was really chilly, so we shivered while bus after bus came and went. Finally, the buses they'd used for bag claim were empty and those came by and picked up some of us. It was about 20 minutes to Seacrets, where the after party was happening. We finally got there and... another line.

We waited again to get into Seacrets, since IDs had to be checked. My friend Steve and I had gotten separated from the group, so we searched through the super crowded night club for them. We didn't find them, but we did find a table with pizza. So, we each had a slice... and then I realized that I'd totally cut the line. Oops. Apparently the food line was REALLY long and I'd just walked up and not even realized it. I did end up having a beer because I felt like I should take free beer when it is offered!

I ended up only staying at the after party long enough to get my official time.. 2:32:49, new PR.. WOOOOO! Yay!

Then, Todd came and picked me up. Since the race was on Saturday, we were able to enjoy our Saturday night! The weather was rainy, but we had a great time anyway. :)

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Kandi said...

Congrats on your PR!
I really wanted to run this race but signed up for the 10k that I've done the past 5 years. I was ok with that but I still wish I would have done this race. Maybe next year.

Kitzzy said...

Yay! Congrats on the new PR!

I am sure I've already asked, but are you running Disney in 2013? I'll be doing Goofy, yikes!

Jen said...

Congrats on the PR! Interesting that the post party was at Seacrets. In 2010 it was at the Francis Scott Key and catered by Boogs. Yummmm. I guess more space at Seacrets though.

misszippy said...

Congrats! Sounds like you hung really tough. This is a race that is new to me--gotta try to remember it next year!

lindsay said...

congrats on the new pr! i can't believe you don't like to run it in though -- that's my favorite part haha. (it's ok i won't hold it against you). :)

Black Knight said...

Congrats on the new PR. It sounds like a tough race before, during and .... after!
Are you ready for your next PR in the half?

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