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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ouch, My Foot

I can't believe that I left out my foot pain from my Ocean City Half Marathon race report. I totally didn't even mention it, and it was a HUGE part of the race!

I started having pain my foot, around the back of my arch and front of my heel of my right foot around mile 5. I have to be honest, I've had pain there lately, for maybe the last few runs right before the half,. but it came and went and it was never even bad enough to mention in my running logs that I keep. It was only happening when I ran, though, so I think one thing is that I would just forget about it after the run. It was definitely never bad enough for me to quit running or take it easy.

Mile 5 of the half, though, it started to really bother me. I kept on going, but since I wasn't even halfway through, I was pretty worried about it. At one point around mile 8 or so, I really really started getting worried that the foot situation would continue to get worse and that I would have to stop running or walk it in.

It didn't get that much worse, though, and it maybe even got better again before the end of the race. Or, maybe I was tired in so many other ways that I just stopped paying attention. After the race and into the after party, it still hurt, but I sort of ignored it.

That night, the pain was still around. The next morning, I had a limp. I decided it was a bruise, since while I was running, it seemed like it was the arch of my orthotics that were really aggravating it. I decided to see if it improved, since I had already decided to take some time off from running before the new season started.

The Tuesday after the half, I was already planning not to run, but I was planning to run Thursday since the run was with Jeff Galloway. My foot was better on Thursday, but it had still been a little sore as of Wednesday night, so I decided to not risk it and took the extra day off. I was leaving Friday for a little vacation for Todd's birthday, so I didn't run that weekend or Tuesday. So, basically, I haven't run since the half marathon on April 28.

Everything was fine, and I had mostly forgotten about it and thought it had healed until yesterday. We spent the last 5 days in Jamaica, and I was walking either barefoot or in flip flops the whole time. That being said, I wasn't actually walking. While we're normally pretty active, we spent this entire trip sitting on the beach and really didn't move a muscle all day for four days straight. Yesterday, we went to Dunn's River Falls and I climbed the falls - and in the midst of it, I felt the foot pain again for the first time in a week. I wasn't doing any thing crazy at all.

Partway through -- I thought, OH NO. Plantar Fasciitis. It didn't hurt too much yesterday, but today I put my foot back into regular shoes (my hiking shoes, not running shoes), and my heel started getting progressively worse. I can feel it walking now.

UGH. So, I'm supposed to run tomorrow for the first time since the half. We'll see how it goes. I'm currently icing it. Fall training starts on Saturday, so hopefully I'll be able to work through this.

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Kitzzy said...

Ugh, I hate PF, but mine is manageable. The best thing that works for me is to use KT Tape when I run. I also wear a night splint or this

Tight calves will make it worse, so stretch those and there are other stretches you can do for the foot itself. Keepings fingers crossed for ya.

lindsay said...

Jamaica huh. You guys travel a lot! (as I comment from the Bahamas haha) we would be great friends in real life - traveling to our islands. Just let me know If y'all ever buy a place... So I can visit ;)

Sorry about the foot pain. I hope it's not PF?! All ive ever heard about pf is that it's a bia.

Black Knight said...

Jamaica, what a wonderful place for a vacation.
Sorry about the pain, take care and get well soon.

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