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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One More Disney Race

I keep forgetting to mention it...

I signed up to run the Walt Disney World Marathon in January!!!

It's a new course, and it's a 20th Anniversary, with all sorts of surprises in store. I could not resist. It violates my rule of only running a full marathon every other year (January races count toward the previous year). But, oh well. I'm thrilled.

Todd is running it also, and he's made me promise to run it without regard to time, and to stop for pictures and have a great time like I did for the Marathon Relay in January.

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Kitzzy said...

Yay! I will see you there! I'm doing Goofy so don't care about time either, so maybe we'll run into each other.

I've yet to blog about this, but I am moving to SF at the end of this month, so this will now be a destination race for me too lol

See you then!

Kim said...

WOA! That is a big change! But very cool!

lindsay said...

i am contemplating signing up for a disney race again (even though i say i don't want to repeat any states until i've done them all) :)

Black Knight said...

Glad you did it!
Everytime I say that I want to stop to take pictures but I never succeed. I prefer to run!

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