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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hadassah 8K 2012

The Fleet Feet group before the race

My very first DNF!

I've been talking about the injury to my foot for a while. It's PF pain, and it's also on the top of my foot (which is basically arthritis or tendinitis all coming from my wonky feet). So, I didn't know how this race was going to go, and I felt a sense of dread at the starting line.

I ran a pretty great race here last year, so that was on my side, but it was still not good.

My first mile, which was just running around Goucher College, I did 10:30, which was pretty great, but I was already in pain. We left the college and headed out on the the hilly, ridiculous surrounding area. It was hot and humid, so that wasn't a great thing. And the hills. Oh, the hills. I've done very little hill training lately, compared to normal, and I've been doing so much non-running, that I just couldn't handle those hills in that heat.

I was getting passed and passed and passed. I'm not going to lie, mentally, I could not handle the number of people that were passing me. I knew my time was going to be abysmal, and I was definitely feeling pain both in my plantar fascia and on the top of my foot. Finally, about 3 1/2 miles in, we went up this GIANT hill that I remember toughing it through last year. But, this year, I walked. When I got to the top, I was worn out and hot, and I had some foot pain and I just didn't want to destroy my foot or do further damage for this race that meant nothing and I was clearly going to do terrible for anyway.

So, I flagged down a volunteer who drove me to the finish line.

It was so embarrassing. I've never DNF'd before. Having to tell people what happened was miserable. To  make matters worse, I agreed to go out to breakfast after, and it really stunk listening to everyone talk about the race - and give me advice on my foot and whatever. This was over a week ago, and things are actually doing better (I'll update later), but this race was definitely my low point.

I have a pretty tough race coming up at the end of the month - The Annapolis Ten Miler - and I don't know if I'll be able to do it or not. We'll see.

Photo courtesy of Robin Nesky

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misszippy said...

Sorry about your DNF. Don't be embarrassed, though. You had legit reasons for stopping. And truly, it happens to just about everyone sooner or later. Good luck getting ready for A-10

Black Knight said...

Sorry about the DNF, don't be embarrassed. It's better than a worse injury.
Hot, humid and hilly are not the right conditions to race when you don't feel good.

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