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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little Cayman 2012

Todd & me on our anniversary celebration night
Do you ever want to do something, and then you wait so long that it almost seems like you shouldn't bother doing it anymore because the time has passed? Like, if you get a gift and then you want to send a thank you, but you forget and then lo and behold, it's been a year and then you feel like you may as well not send it now, because the person already thinks you're super ungrateful, and you have to decide if you want to seem super ungrateful or just forgetful/irresponsible? That's how I feel about this post, which is a trip report from a vacation that we took back in July. But, I can't leave it anymore, because Todd's pictures are so awesome that they must be shared.

You may already know that we visit Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman. We usually visit for July 2, which is our wedding anniversary, and July 4, which is the birthday of our wonderful country. This year, we had plans to visit during that time, but my dad became very sick about a week before we were to leave, and we were lucky enough to be able to rebook the entire trip for a few weeks later. He did pass away, and the day we were leaving on our rebooked trip was the day after the funeral. Which was weird, quite frankly. We basically left the funeral and drove home and packed our bags to get the heck out of there.

Me, relaxing in the pool
So, it was a bit of a strange trip. It was a bittersweet time, and the staff was wonderful to us. But, we are usually visiting with about 10 of our friends whom we only see each year in Little Cayman, and it was sad to not have them along with us. In fact, the resort was nearly empty - there was only one other couple booked at the resort during our stay (which is why the resort was OK with us rebooking to the week that we did).

I've talked about our trips to Little Cayman a bunch of times. Besides our strange timing and the fact that we were missing our friends, this trip wasn't that much different from the rest. We still dove two or three times a day. We were lucky enough to get to visit a dive site outside the marine park, where the divemaster (Mike) had not even gone before. That was awesome! The resort was also kind enough to book us in the honeymoon suite (or, we call it "the pink building"), where we've never stayed, despite having gotten married at Southern Cross Club. There's usually a couple that has booked it before us, and we typically stay in the yellow building.
Honeymoon Suite
We were able to have a special romantic dinner on the new upper deck of the main building, in order to celebrate our anniversary, even if it was 22 days later than planned. It was very nice.
And that's really it. We did a lot of hammocking. I was emotionally exhausted from the weeks before, and I was content to sit and do not very much, We did go out in a kayak a little bit, but it was mostly, eat-dive-eat-dive-rest-eat-sleep and get up and do it all the next day again.
Dinner for our anniversary
So, I'll just share some photos (mostly of groupers) that Todd took during the trip:
There's a lot of grouper love in Little Cayman (please don't eat grouper)
See? Here I am with another grouper!
This is our divemaster Mike, taking grouper love literally.
Kissy kissy, grouper.

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1 comment:

Black Knight said...

I am sorry for you dad. How can I have lost that post?
What a wonderful trip!
The photos are amazing. I don't succeed in understanding how people can kill those lovely creatures. And they call it "sport"!

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