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Monday, October 1, 2012

Wineglass Half Marathon 2012

Another race finished, happy happy! :)
Part of the beautiful course
The Wineglass Marathon and Half Marathon takes place in Corning, New York, which is in south central New York State. I drove up to New York on Saturday - it's about a 4 1/2 hour drive from my house up to Corning. The drive was beautiful. In fact, the entire thing was beautiful - the leaves are changing all over the place from about central PA north. I love fall, and I especially love this fall. I usually am a summer person, but seeing as how my summer this year was terrible, I am glad to see summer finally over.

Todd didn't join me for this race. He was actually in Florida this weekend visiting his parents. It was kind of fun getting away on my own. I don't normally travel by myself, so it was kind of exciting to have a hotel room all on my own and such.

The expo was small but really well organized and very nice. You did have to take about a half mile walk down the street to pick up your extra goodies - a small bottle of champagne and a wineglass - but at least that way I got to check out the town. My friend Elizabeth and I were both running, and we were staying at the same hotel. After much hemming and hawing about what to eat for dinner the night before the race, we finally settled on going to the local Wegmans and getting pasta. It was delicious and they made it there right on the spot!

Race morning was foggy and chilly. We walked down to the finish line area and picked up a school bus to the starting line of the Half Marathon. I'd heard that there were some issues with the buses last year, but there was no problem this time. We got right on the second bus. The starting line was a little ways away (well, I guess 13.1 miles away, actually). It was at a school, and we were permitted to go inside and hang out in the gym while we waited for the race to start. This was nice and meant we stayed nice and warm. Temps were about 40 degrees.

I decided not to race this race at all. I have been nursing this foot injury all season and I just didn't feel 100% trained for this one. So, I made a goal of 2:45-2:59, and deep down I wanted to do better than I did in January when I ran a 2:51 and rode a roller coaster mid-race.

Elizabeth and I decided to stick together as long as we could, and that ended up being the whole race. Which is nice, it's fun to race with someone and I almost always race alone (or with Todd). The course map looks basically down hill with one largerish hill at the very beginning of the race. Honestly, it didn't seem flat or downhill. It seemed rolling, but the rolls were so very small that the course was basically flat. It went through cow pasture (at one point, we passed a barn that was MOOING very loudly), and a lot of beautiful residential neighborhoods. The course was point-to-point, so we didn't do any loops, but got to see plenty of small New York towns. Miles 11 and 12 were through jogging trails in a very pretty park. Spectators were around, but not heavy.
Eilzabeth & Me at the finish

There isn't a whole lot to report on how my race was. I had a great time chit chatting with Elizabeth, and my foot felt a little sore here and there, but it was really not an issue. I felt tired now and again, but it was just your standard non-PR race :) ...which is just what I needed.

The finish line was down Market Street, and it was perfect. There were tons of spectators at the very end. Our medals were made of glass,which was very cool, but I've spent the last 24 hours worried that I would drop it and break it. I can't say that for any other medal from any other race I've done.

The finish line had awesome amenities - real chocolate milk (not Nesquick or Yoohoo, which I HATE). Plus, chicken noodle soup, cookies and the usual bananas, bagels, water, apples, etc. There were also sodas, but I've given them up recently :(

The best part? A pizza place had brought down pizza ovens and put them in the middle of the street and were baking pizzas right there at the finish line! We each had two slices. I didn't think I was in the mood for pizza, but when I bit into a slice, it was the best pizza EVER. Totally awesome.

We did go see the Corning Museum of Glass the town a bit, and it was nice, but I was quite frankly wiped out. I stayed until this morning, but last night I mostly snoozed around my hotel room.

I'm home today, feeling great after a great race :) I think my very last PT appointment is this week (maybe?), which means I am all healed!! :)

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Black Knight said...

Great smiles at the finish and ... great post-race food and drinks!
Congrats for another half under your belt.

Molly said...

Nice job! I don't live far from there and a few of my friends did the half as well : )

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