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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cold Turkey 10K 2012

I've done this race once before, in 2010. That race happens to be my 10K PR, and I ran super fast! This year, not so much, but I went in with no goals, so that is pretty much why.

The Cold Turkey 10K takes place at my high school, so it's always a treat to go back and see how things have changed. This year, I pretty much stayed in the cafeteria, so the answer was : not much. The cafeteria looks pretty much the same as it did when I graduated in 1996.

Todd and I ran the race together. It was somewhat chilly - about 45 degrees - and I haven't adjusted to the cold yet this year, so I was cold at first. Our friend Sue joined us for the run. She was a group leader for the 10K training program and decided to take it easy for the training programs goal race and stick with us. Todd and I were basically running at a training pace and just enjoying ourselves. Between injury and other circumstances, I am not really trained for a PR and I was pretty much just running this race in order to get one more race under by belt before the end of the year.

The course starts behind the high school, winds through the complex (there are 5 schools in the complex - my middle school, my high school, the special school, the vocational school and the elementary school). Then, the course leaves the complex and heads down the road to a residential street before making a turn around to head back to the start line. It is rolling hills, including some reasonably large ones, but the $18 entry fee just can't be beat.

Here is a terrible race photo. L to R, Mark, Sue, Me and Todd
as we approach the finish
There's nothing really to report about the race - we did 1:1 intervals, and took it easy. We enjoyed the day, and met up with fellow group member Mark about a half mile from the finish. The four of us finished together at 1:17, which is somewhere in the middle of my 10K finish times (although most of my other 10Ks were finished in 70+ degree weather).

There was an awesome variety of snacks at the end, and the shirts were pretty nice. So, all in all, good race, if not eventful.

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