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Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Dining Room Progress Over 2 Years

I just happened to look back at my post right after Thanksgiving 2010, and I included a little picture of our dining room. We had two folding tables that year, since we had yet to commit to dining room furniture. We did get some furniture shortly after, thanks to Stowebound Custom Furniture.

Our dining room in 2010
Well, look at it now! I just have to show it off, with the photo that I took Thanksgiving morning. Granted, the table is set properly in the 2012 photo, and I was actually trying to get a good photo (I think in the 2010 photo, I was actually just taking a picture of The Bug hanging out in the chair like he expected me to serve him). Anyway...

Dining room in 2012
Hooray for house progress!

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