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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I'm Thankful For This Year

This has been quite a year. I say every year that I am more thankful than anything to be able to spend another year with my family and friends, and that my biggest fear is losing someone I love. And, this year I lost my dad. But, in the sadness and awfulness that surrounded his death and the 3 weeks of hospital time that led up to it, I can still find a few things to be thankful for in that.

The day he died, I got off of work early and headed down to the hospital. No one was there but dad, and I spent of couple of hours just sitting and reading and holding his hand. My brother and my dad's wife and her daughters and granddaughters did come later, and then they left for the night and it was just me again. I was spending the night there, since my brother had spent the night before. After everyone left, I said to dad, "you know, I had been wanting for a long time for us to spend some time one on one, since we hadn't done it in about 15 years... This really wasn't what I had in mind." He passed away less than an hour later, and I'm thankful for that time that I had with him, even if he may not have known I was even there.

And then there's my mom. She made it through a hospital stay in February and surgery in October. She's got another surgery coming in 2013, but at least things are looking pretty ok for her right now. I'm definitely thankful for that.

As for Todd and me - well, if you deciphered my photo from Tuesday, you know that we're expecting a new little family member of our own. Tuesday, we went in for an ultrasound and we were able to see our baby for the second time. The first time was at 7 weeks, and baby was just a blob on the screen. This time, he (or she, but we'll go with "he" since it's easy) was moving all around, moving his little arms and legs - and he looked like a baby! What a relief to see things progressing normally. I spent a major portion of my life thinking that I may not be able to get pregnant at all due to surgery and illness from when I was a teenager, and then I spent most of my first trimester worrying that something would go wrong. After all of that worry, getting pregnant so easily (it took seven months, if you're interested) seemed too good to be true. So, having a pregnancy - and a healthy one at that - is definitely something to be thankful for.

And -- I'm terribly thankful to be out of my first trimester. From what I've heard, the second trimester is the best one, so I can't wait! My nausea started disappearing about a week and a half ago, and last week I discovered that I actually had energy to run! Happiness! I've been running anyway, but skipping a lot of them and running a short 30 minute run in the morning would basically wear me out for the entire day. I'm definitely feeling more energetic. Although, my clothes do not fit at all. So, maybe I'm thankful for upcoming Black Friday sales on maternity clothes!

Todd started a new job in October, and he seems to be pretty happy in his new role. I'm thankful that he is working a tiny bit closer to home, and that he's found a place that makes him happy. He actually went on his job interview the very same day that I got my positive pregnancy test. Big changes all around for us, and most of all - I'm thankful that things seem to be headed in a more positive direction!

So, happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy family time and some delicious turkey on this lovely day!

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1 comment:

lindsay said...

glad the pregnancy is going smoothly so far!

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