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Saturday, December 1, 2012

How Exercising is Going Now That I'm Pregnant

I've always figured that exercise once I got pregnant was going to be a huge question mark. I know that every pregnancy is different, so I really had no idea what to expect. At my first appointment with my doctor when I was at 7 weeks, he basically cleared me for any exercise that I'm already doing, although I'm to avoid anything where I need to lie on my back after about 16 weeks. He seemed not at all worried or upset that I'd run the Wineglass Half Marathon during my 6th week. So, I've been taking it a workout at a time and doing what works for me. Here's a rundown:

Yes, the real reason why I chose not to race the Wineglass Half wasn't because of my plantar fasciitis, but because I was pregnant. Besides the 17 miles that I ran 3 days before finding out that I was pregnant, this was the longest run that I've done during my pregnancy and probably will be the longest I'll run for many months. I did feel a lot more tired during Wineglass than I typically would during a half marathon, and I was also a LOT more hungry. By mile 10, I had eaten all of my food and I was starving. Not eat a gu or a packet of jelly beans kind of hungry, but more like a "let's go to a restaurant and eat a 4-6 course meal now" kind of hungry. And hungry during your first trimester is the equivalent of nausea. So, I was sick and hungry and tired for the last several miles of the race. Plus, during the final sprint to the finish line I suddenly became paranoid that I wasn't getting enough oxygen to my baby. Of course, the baby is fine.

Needless to say, I've dropped out of the Walt Disney World Marathon. I knew that it was a possibility that I would not be running that race when I signed up for it, but the funny thing about trying to get pregnant is that you really don't know how long it will take and what you should be planning for, so I had gone ahead and signed up. We've moved our Disney vacation to later in the year (and baby will be coming with us!!!).

Since Wineglass, 7 miles has been my longest run. I ran the Cold Turkey 10K, also at a slow pace. I would like to do one or two other 5Ks or 10Ks while I still can, but they're not all that plentiful this time of year. I'll keep running as long as I can. So far, I'm somewhat slower, but not terribly slow. I skip more runs than normal, if I'm tired or not feeling great. I am pleased to say that I'm feeling less nauseous now than I was a few weeks ago, so it's been easier to get my runs in. I wish that I had been 100% healthy and in tip-top shape, running wise, when I got pregnant, but it didn't work out that way. At least my PF allowed me a good excuse as to why I wasn't running fast and long...

Strength Training and Yoga
I had a coupon in early September and received 3 sessions with a personal trainer at my gym. I was looking to change up my workouts, and I really liked the personal trainer that I was working with. The first session was great, and I was sooo sore afterwards. We agreed to meet again 2 weeks later, and I did the workout on my own in the meantime, Then, the day before my second session, I got the positive pregnancy test. So, my two final sessions turned into pregnancy workouts.

Do you know how to get a personal trainer to not work you as hard? Tell them you're pregnant. LOL. The workouts were still great, though, and it turned out to be perfect timing to help me figure out what to do with myself as far as weights and strength go during this time.

The bad news, though, is that I became so tired that I would sleep too late, and not go to the gym before work. I would get to work a little late and leave work a little late, and then realize that if I worked out after work, I wasn't going to have the energy to make dinner. And, weight training made me super-nauseous. I don't know why, but running did not make me nearly as sick. I routinely felt like throwing up every time I tried to go to the gym. So, little by little, I stopped going.

Since then, I picked up a few prenatal yoga DVDs and I've been doing them pretty regularly. I'm hoping that they will be "good enough" from a strength perspective. I've also added some "mom & baby" yoga workouts to my registry, so maybe yoga will finally become a part of my life. Maybe, at this time, it's best for me to focus less on weights and more on yoga anyway. I don't think I'm going to be able to keep my gym membership after the baby is born.

Ok, I admit it. I started swimming about a year ago not because I wanted to do a triathlon, but because I knew we were going to be trying to get pregnant and I knew swimming was something I could do throughout my pregnancy. But... I haven't really been swimming. I've gone once since finding out I was pregnant. Sadly, that one time I just sloshed around in there a little because I found that my swim cap gives me a headache. My winter running hats and headbands have been giving me headaches also, and I'm so limited in what pain meds I can take that I am hesitant to do things that will give me a headache. So, I'll try again to swim, or I'll get a new swim cap or something, I'm sure. But, I've had the same problem time wise getting out to swim as I've had with weight training - I've just been too tired. So, we'll see.

Stuff I'm not doing
My bike is just going to collect dust. I have too much trouble running into things, so for safety reasons, I won't be getting on the bike. It's possible that I might ride it on the trainer, but I haven't thus far (I just hate riding it on the trainer). It's down in the basement if I ever want to ride.

I also attended one body pump class during my 11th week of pregnancy and ended up deciding that it's really not for me right now. I can't keep up and so much of the class you have to lay on your back, I just don't think it's worthwhile. Since I am thinking I'll have to quit the gym post-baby, that was probably my last body pump class for the foreseeable future.

Scuba diving... :( It's not allowed during pregnancy. I might help with an open water class or two in the pool, but I have to stay in the shallow end. I can snorkel, but Divers Alert Network says it's not ok to scuba dive. I miss it -- even though I probably wouldn't have gone scuba diving during this period anyway.

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