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Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 By The Numbers

My favorite running photo of the year, Walt Disney World Marathon Relay, January 2012

Injury and pregnancy really brought my numbers down this year..

  • Miles Run: 576.3 miles
  • Time Spent Running: 124 hours, 9 minutes
  • Days where I ran: 123 days
  • Average run length: 4.69 miles
  • New Personal Records: 1 (half marathon)
  • Races Run: 9
  • Distance Swam: 47,240 yards (26.8 miles)
  • Time Spent Swimming: 22 hours, 27 minutes
  • Distance Biked: 0 miles... oops
  • Time Spent Biking: 30 minutes (I did get on the bike on the trainer a little)
  • Total Scuba Dives: 28
  • Longest Scuba Dive: 70 minutes (Bush Gardens, Little Cayman)
  • Books Read: 21
  • Longest Book Read: A Storm of Swords, 1178 pages
  • Jars Canned: 99 (various sizes 1/2 pint to quart)
  • Foreign Countries Visited:  3 (The Netherlands (Saba), Jamaica & The Cayman Islands)

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onelittletrigirl said...

Pregnancy! YEAH!

(I have been gone a LONG time!)

Kandi said...

I ran 9 races this year too!! And I ran fewer miles than you and was not injured or pregnant.
You can?! Do you grow your own stuff to can or pick your own? What kinds of things do you can? This year was my first year venturing into the world of canning though my mom has done it for years.

Kim said...

I should write up a post about canning, it's super fun! But, it can be a lot of work. I stick to fruits and pickles, LOTS of strawberries, plus apples, peaches, and plums. The pickles are both the easiest and the most popular!

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