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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Cayman 2013

On the pier at Sunset

... and I reveal the sex of the baby in this post, so keep on reading!

Our friends Ellen and Matt typically go to Little Cayman every November, and in 2012 we thought about taking a trip down to meet up with them in November. I called and found out that Ellen and Matt had actually decided to come down in January, and the dates of their trip happened to coincide with the Disney Marathon. So, that wasn't going to work. In the end, Todd got a new job in October and he really couldn't take off of work anyway, so we ended up not going anywhere.

21 weeks pregnant here
Then, I got pregnant.

At first, I thought I would still run a piece of the marathon - the first 8 miles, which would allow me to run from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom, up Main Street and then allow me to exit the course right in front of the Polynesian Resort, where Todd and I could get some breakfast and take the monorail to get back to our hotel. I am glad that we didn't go through with this plan because by the time marathon week came, I was struggling to get 3-4 miles in and Disney would have been a disappointment. Instead, sometime in November, I asked Todd if he would rather meet Ellen & Matt in Little Cayman, and then we could call the trip our "Babymoon."* We invited our friend Bill & Gerry to join us, and booked our trip to coincide with Matt & Ellen's. But, we didn't tell Matt & Ellen that we were joining them and planned to surprise them.

Another surprise? We'd had our anatomy ultrasound on the Monday before we left on the trip. We had the ultrasound tech put the sex of the baby into an envelope and brought it with us on the trip. The plan was to give the envelope to the staff, and then they would bake us a cake with either a blue or pink filling. We would cut the cake to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl.

A quick side note - during the ultrasound, I felt like I saw boy parts and then I thought I saw girl parts (fyi, you DO actually see girl parts, it's not like you see a penis or nothing). So, I wasn't really sure what I saw. Todd felt like he saw girl parts and did NOT see boy parts. So, he INSISTED that it was a girl. He was convinced. He convinced me, too, so on the flights down to Little Cayman, we discussed girl names and girl nursery ideas (in the end, our nursery will be the same regardless of the sex of the baby).
With the cake

We arrived in Little Cayman in the evening of January 10. I jumped out of the car and ran around to the bar, where I knew Matt would be. He was surprised! We went over and knocked on their room door, and Ellen answered and she was surprised, too! It was too fun. Good times.

Since I am pregnant, I cannot scuba dive, so it was totally sad for me to go out to the boat and watch it pull away without me. I had thought that I would be able to go out on the boat with everyone, but our dive master told me no - the wind was sustained at nearly 20mph and the water was just too rough for me to be out on the boat. We were about to find out how rough it was.

The boat pulled away, I got into the hammock, and I was surprised a few minutes later when the boat arrived back at the dock. Going through the cut out of the lagoon, the boat had hit a series of a couple of very very large waves. It went up in the air and slammed back down, and Ellen had fallen onto her back. They had turned around and brought her back, and she ended up going to the medical clinic on the island and then spent the rest of the day in her room.

I ended up spending the day, and all of my days, in the hammock with some breaks for snacking, yoga, and little dips in the pool (which was freezing cold). I got lots of reading, napping and relaxation in while Todd was exploring Bloody Bay Wall with Bill.
Bill and Todd on the reef, be sure to check out
the rest of Todd's underwater photos at Red Bubble!

Friday night, Ellen was still in a lot of pain and couldn't make it to dinner. We (me, Todd, Bill and Gerry) visited her in her room. We decided to put off our gender cake reveal until Saturday in the hopes that Ellen and Matt could be there.

Saturday, though, Ellen was no better and they decided to head to Grand Cayman to get some more tests done (you cannot even get an X-ray on Little Cayman). Divers Alert Network (DAN) had her airlifted off of the island, and Gerry and I (Gerry wasn't diving either since she had a cold) spent the morning with Ellen at the medical clinic and at the airport to keep her company, since she was pretty nervous. HUGE shout out to DAN, by the way. I do NOT understand people who dive without DAN coverage. By Sunday, we knew that Ellen had a fractured vertebrae, and she ended up getting airlifted all the way back to Indianapolis. She's currently recovering from surgery that she had on January 17.
Gerry & Bill
So, Saturday evening we had our baby cake cutting party with Bill, Gerry and the staff and other guests of the resort. This was a special thing for us to do there, since we got married there in 2009. We weren't sure how this whole cake thing would go, but as it turned out, it was so special and wonderful! I am so happy that we did it this way - it was SO much better than finding out in the doctors office. Gerry took a video, so here you can see us doing the cake cutting... (and a special thanks to my co-worker, Jared, who was the one to tell me that this was even a thing that couples are doing now)

(Yep, I am making you watch the video to find out the sex of the baby)

Since I was unable to dive and pretty sad about it, the resort arranged to take the pontoon boat out for snorkeling. Seth Chwast, who is an autistic artist, was staying at the resort as well, and he was going out snorkeling every day, so it meant there were plenty of us out on the boat to snorkel. I did fine, although snorkeling did make me pretty tired (we were staying out for about 60-90 minutes at a time). I got to see lot of juvenile fish, plus an octopus and a spotted eagle ray.
Baby's first snorkel

One day, Todd and I went up to Point of Sand, which is a lovely beach on the island that we'd only visited once before. We were the only people there, so it was nice to snorkel and have some quiet time, plus we picked up a bag of trash while we were there. At Point of Sand, I got to see a nurse shark. I never did get to see a turtle, though, so this was my very first trip to Little Cayman where I did not see a sea turtle. :(

We ended up having a wonderful trip, even though it was clouded by the fact that our friends whom we'd gone down to surprise had barely gotten onto the island before having to leave. But, I am happy to report that Ellen is recovering nicely and she is expected to make it back to Little Cayman in July (although we will not, since we'll have a newborn).

* I've read that there are two meanings for the word babymoon, one is when you go on one last "couple" trip before the baby is born, which is how I use it, and one that means the time period right after the baby is born, which is the meaning that I feel kind of "meh" about.

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lindsay said...

I always thought baby moon was before baby too.

Congrats!! I won't comment on the gender so as not to ruin it but the video was cute. Cake looks delicious.

Glad to hear your friend is ok. I am starting to wonder if you guys own a place down in the Caymans (you seem to go their frequently) and if so when I can visit !! :) I still have Todd's calendar you mailed me last year. I can't bear to toss it! It got lots of compliments at work all thru out the year.

Kandi said...

I'm not even finished reading this post but I loved that video! My friends did something similiar and it is so fun!
I'm glad you didn't go on that boat ride! I'm glad your friend is recovering. That sounds rough. Too bad she wasn't there for the reveal.

Kim said...

We don't own a place, but we always do stay at the same resort. We've actually given some thought to buying down there, but I feel like we would spend all of our trips fussing over maintenance and other stuff you have to worry about when you own... Plus, I have my doubts that we'll be down nearly as often now that there's a baby on the way. I was so sad to leave this time not knowing when we'll be back. Our resort has a policy of no one under the age of 8 being allowed... 8 years is a LONG time!!

Kim said...

Also, I sent our friend Ellen away on the airplane with the sealed envelope with the sex of the baby in it... So, even though we didn't know yet when she left, SHE knew (the staff had already opened the envelope and re-sealed it for Ellen). She told us that she was going to open it the second the plane left the ground :)

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