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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Third Trimester Update

This is me at work
at 27 weeks
On Tuesday, I reached my Third Trimester! Time is flying by on this pregnancy, that is for sure. So, I thought I'd give an update on what I've been up to...

How's the Exercising Going?
Nada. Well, not totally nada. But, I haven't really been able to run since about 21 weeks. I finally gave up after an incredibly painful run in early January. No amount of walk breaks helped. I moved on to walking, still only on the treadmill because I don't have winter exercise clothes. I found that I was able to walk at a reasonable clip - 3.8mph - as long as I didn't try to run at all, and I was pleased with that. Six weeks later, and I can do 30 minutes at between 3 and 3.2 mph and that is even a struggle. I went to Ikea on Friday and had to sit in one of their living rooms to rest partway through. Short answer: exercise is a struggle.

Last week, the contractor started working on our basement finishing, and to prepare for this, we completely disassembled our basement home gym - took up the flooring, carried the TV upstairs, piled the treadmill full of stuff and wedged it into a section of basement that will remain unfinished. So, for the next 6 weeks I either have to use the treadmill in my office or make my way to the gym. Just another barrier to working out.

As for swimming - I did have a wonderful swim a couple of weeks ago. I love love loved it. But, I haven't made it back since. Sigh. We've just got so much going on.

Yoga? Well, some furniture that was in our basement that had to be moved out for the finishing project has moved up into my yoga space, making it (you guessed it!) that much harder for me to practice yoga. I've been trying to at least do kegels.

How are you feeling?
The whole world wants to know this. Do you know how I know? I get asked this question like 30 times a day, by people who see me everyday. I'm not complaining, I think people just want something to talk to me about, but since my answer is always "fine," it gets kind of old. I haven't really experienced nausea or anything since around November, unless I stay up too late. I'm starting to feel sort of uncomfortable at times, mostly at bedtime or on long car rides. I do have some TMI symptoms that I don't feel like talking about. I don't know, I'm used to being pretty quiet with people and I'm not used to so many questions all the time.

Are you having any cravings?
Another question that everyone wants to know! I have cravings normally, as a non-pregnant person. I am not really having cravings to that degree now. I am finding that while at first I totally didn't want sweets (unusual for me), I've been craving sweets little by little more and more the farther into my pregnancy I get. I really go crazy for salad.

Are you having any food aversions?
Broccoli and chicken. I've been eating a crazy amount of red meat as a result. I don't care. Todd made me choke down some broccoli last night, and it sucked, but it's good for the baby. Chicken I've been able to tolerate sometimes, but in general I find it gross right now.

Have you chosen a name?
This is probably the second most popular question. Yes, we've chosen a name, although we're not 100% on the middle name. First name is pretty much set. We are not telling until the baby is born, much to the chagrin of our parents.

Can you feel the baby kicking?
Yes, all the time. And, while I totally think it's awesome and I like feeling it and I'm excited about, it can also be pretty distracting when I'm trying to work. It's like, ok, baby, calm down, I need to focus. 

Have you finished the nursery?
OMG, no. This is the funniest thing that people ask. No. Because - to finish the nursery we have to get the office furniture out of there. To do that, we have to finish the basement. To do that, we have to put in an egress window. To do that, we have to actually get a decent contractor. To move things out of the basement, we needed to redo some storage in the laundry room and kitchen to move the stuff out of the basement that was down there. Upon doing that we found that the builder in our house had drilled through a drain pipe in the wall and not ever told anyone... So, it's turned into a money pit-like chain reaction. This whole thing is what is taking up so much of my time right now, and is creating a lot of stress.

That being said, if you're curious, the nursery theme is going to be Finding Nemo, probably not much of a surprise. We are pretty excited.  :)

Is it a boy or a girl?
I've announced this already, but in case you missed it, here is the Youtube video where we cut a cake to reveal the sex of the baby. No, we did not know the sex of the baby until then. We had the sex sealed in an envelope, which we gave to the staff of the resort where we were staying. They baked the cake. The video was shot in Little Cayman. We told our family later. There was a lot of confusion about this on Facebook and elsewhere, so hopefully that clears it up.

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Kandi said...

First of all, you look great! I'm glad things are going well.
I hope things improve with your basement/nursery situation. I imagine that is frustrating.
One thing I'm not looking forward to when I'm pregnant is all the questions and attention.

misszippy said...

So how you feeling? ; )

So glad things have gone well for you. Fingers crossed you can get all the projects done in time!

lindsay said...

Well now I feel bad asking my friend how she feels lol. I just don't know what else to ask?? Glad all is going well!

Mums make lists said...

Glad it's going well.

I would absolutely love for you to link up at the Baby Shower, a linky party for all things pregnancy and new baby. It's a great opportunity to meet up with other pregnant / new mum bloggers - Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

Kandi said...

Hope everything is still going well. I was thinking about you this morning and realized I hadn't read an update in a while.

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