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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I have been back and forth about posting about Boston. In the end, I felt like I couldn't continue to ignore it on my blog. Now, it's been 3 weeks and anything that could have been said has been said, and by people who are better at saying it than I am. It's hard to write about it and NOT try to connect it back to myself, which is wrong because it's not about me at all. I could say "I could have been there" or "that could have been my family" or "my friends" or whatever, but honestly, if we're talking specifically Boston, I doubt I'll ever go there for the marathon unless by some miracle I qualify for it, which I won't. So, it really couldn't have been me or my family. At another race? At Marine Corps, or New York, or any of the other high profile races I've run? Yeah, then it could have been me, I guess.

I had even been ignoring Boston this year, just like I'm ignoring most spring races because I can't run them and it makes me feel sorry for myself. I've even hidden people from my Facebook newsfeed who post too many running things for me to handle right now. So, I wasn't really in the Boston mindset.

I don't know, I guess I just feel sad and numb about the whole thing, especially because in the end it wasn't even about running. So pointless, so senseless. A terrible thing to have tarnished our sport.

Run on, Boston runners. I doubt I'll ever be there with you, but I stand with you to keep running once I can, and to not let this tragedy spoil the races that I love.

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