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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Celtic Solstice 5 Mile Run 2014

This is, in fact, the perfect race. Bear with me here, let me explain why. It's in December, at a time when few other races are going on, so unless you're doing a January marathon (which I sometimes am), it doesn't interfere with your training. Even if you are doing a January race, you can usually work it in because it's a great non-long-run-week run length - 5 miles. Speaking of the length, it's also longer than a 5K, so you don't feel like you're just showing up for the "beginner" distance. That being said, it's short enough that you don't have to put in a million miles of training. It has a warm tent to stand in at the start and finish, it's never too hot (although it's been a white out before!). At the finish is mulled wine, soup, and cookies. It's at Christmas time, the best time of the year, so people dress up! It has a wonderful, amazing premium every year. TONS of people do it - I see so many people that I know at this race. And yet, it's small enough to feel like a good ol' hometown race.

Yes, I love the Celtic Solstice. That's why I was sad for the past 3 years because I was in Florida the weekend of the race all three years and couldn't participate. This year, though! I was at home and happy to go down to Druid Hill Park and run!

The weather wasn't too bad. 30 degrees or so, cold and crisp, but sunny. The tent at the start was warm. Todd was home with Owen, so I was looking for friends. I knew my friend Elizabeth was running, but I'd made no arrangements to find her at the start. I had forgotten my watch, so I was hoping to mooch intervals off of someone. Then, I ran into Robin, who hasn't been running with us in a while and I hadn't seen in some time. I also found Elizabeth (and a whole lot of others, wow), but ended up sticking with Robin for the actual run.

We did 1:1s, which was difficult at the start. The course was pretty crowded. We separated for a while because it was just too hard to walk with all of the people. I expected that I wouldn't find Robin again, but then there she was! She was awesome and it was great to catch up with her.

The race was nice, same course that winds through some gentle hills in Druid Hill Park, around the lake and then a downhill finish. At the finish, like I said -- cookies (yum!), the most delicious soup ever, and mulled wine. Ok, the wine made my stomach turn a little, but it was still delicious.

The perfect race.

Final time: 1:04:57, a perfect 13 minute pace. Nice and comfortable.

Robin and Me and the finish

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