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Dive Log


CertificationDateInstructor(s)Dive Shop

SSI - Open Water Diver
12/16/2006M. Eversmier
J. Gullo
T. Shaw
J. Nunn
Aqua Ventures (class/pool)
Quiescence (certification dives)
SSI - Enriched Air Nitrox4/25/2007J. GulloAqua Ventures
SSI - Advanced Open Water Diver
Specialties: Advanced Buoyancy,
Navigation, and Night & Limited Visibility Diving
8/10/2008E. ClusterAqua Ventures
SSI - Century Diver (100 Dives)8/30/2008N/AN/A
SSI - Diver Stress & Rescue10/3/2009D. BouderAqua Ventures
SSI - Master Diver
(50 Dives + Advanced Open Water + Diver Stress & Rescue)
10/3/2009N/AAqua Ventures
SSI - Dive Control Specialist5/23/2010M. EversmierAqua Ventures

Diving Records

Longest Dives
All of these are on open scuba with a single tank (typically AL80) and within recreational diver and no-decompression limits.
  1. 85 minutes: Seraya Secrets, Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, 2/4/2011 (average depth: 32, deepest depth: 67)
  2. 85 minutes: USAT Liberty Wreck Slope, Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, 2/5/2011 (average depth: 35, deepest depth: 66)
  3. 82 minutes, USAT Liberty Wreck Slope, Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, 2/7/2011 (average depth: 23, deepest depth: 23)
  4. 79 minutes: Long Caye Wall, Belize, 9/8/2010 (average depth: 25, deepest depth: 62)
  5. 78 minutes: Eagle Ray Roundup, Little Cayman, 7/7/2010 (average depth: 35, deepest depth: 67)
  6. 78 minutes: Coral Garden, Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, 2/6/2011 (average depth: 29, deepest depth: 51)
  7. 78 minutes: Bush Gardens, Little Cayman, 7/4/2011 (average depth: 25, deepest depth: 44)
  8. 76 minutes: Lagon Kecil (Penemu), Raja Ampat, Indonesia, 1/30/2011 (average depth: 24, deepest depth: 36)
  9. 75 minutes: Aquarius, Bonaire, 4/3/2009 (average depth: 31, deepest depth: 54)
  10. 74 minutes: Atlantis, Bonaire, 9/3/2008 (average depth: 34, deepest depth: 61)
  11. 74 minutes: Great Wall West, Little Cayman, 7/6/2011 (average depth: 35, deepest depth: 71)
Deepest Dives
  1. 140 feet: The Great Blue Hole, Belize, 9/7/2010 (average depth: 53, bottom time: 38)
  2. 133 feet: The Great Blue Hole, Belize, 11/25/2008 (average depth: 62, bottom time: 34)
  3. 117 feet: Mount Michelle, Saba, 3/7/2012 (average depth: 58, bottom time: 32)
  4. 116 feet: Third Encounter, Saba, 3/8/2012 (average depth: 66, bottom time: 31)
  5. 113 feet: Third Encounter, Saba, 3/6/2012 (average depth: 62, bottom time: 28)
  6. 112 feet: Mount Michelle, Saba, 3/4/2012 (average depth: 58, bottom time: 31)
  7. 106 feet: Sandy Slope, Belize, 9/5/2010 (average depth: 51, bottom time: 47)
  8. 103 feet: Bus Top, Little Cayman, 7/5/2009 (average depth: 35, bottom time: 59)
  9. 103 feet: Black Coral Forest, Kona, 11/25/2009 (average depth: 55, bottom time: 50)
  10. 103 feet: Never Never Land, Kona, 11/23/2009 (average depth: 51, bottom time: 21)
  11. 103 feet: Cascades, Little Cayman, 7/7/2010 (average depth: 58, bottom time: 53)
 Dive Trips
Dive NumbersDatesLocationDive ShopComments
(5 dives)
12/15 & 16, 2006Key Largo, FloridaQuiescenceBasic Open Water Certification. Rough seas, tough conditions, low visibility.
Sites: Molasses Reef
(3 dives)
12/20/2006St. Thomas, US Virgin IslandsAdmirality Dive Center 3-tank dive package for the day.  We were on the Norwegian Jewel and the dive shop met us at the pier.  First dive had good vis, second and third did not.
Sites: JBK, Stone Face, Spratt Point
(1 dive)
1/6/2007Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FloridaEpcot DiveQuestDiving in the calm, clear aquarium at the Living Seas in Epcot Center.  First time diving with sharks - 6 foot sand tiger.
(23 dives)
5/4 - 5/11, 2007Bonaire, Netherlands AntillesGreat Adventures Bonaire80 foot visibility for most of the trip.  Lots of small things, seahorses, frog fish.  First time shore diving, first night dive at Town Pier.
Favorite Sites: Alice in Wonderland, Hilma Hooker, Small Wall, Just a Nice Dive, Buddy Dive / La Machaca, 1000 Steps
(17 dives)
6/28 - 7/4, 2007Little Cayman, Cayman IslandsSouthern Cross ClubVery first dive of the trip was a night dive (Soto Trader).  Good vis (80-100 feet), lots of squid, lobster, octopus out in the open.
Favorite Sites: Mixing Bowl, Randy's Gazebo, Joy's Joy, Lea Lea's Lookout, Jigsaw
(21 dives)
11/24 - 12/1, 2007Little Cayman, Cayman IslandsSouthern Cross ClubHigh winds during the trip messed up vis somewhat, but still nice vis (80 feet).  Saw a few reef sharks & nurse sharks, lots of dusk diving, turtles.
Favorite Sites: Randy's Gazebo, Coconut Walk, Lea Lea's Lookout,  Joy's Joy
(22 dives)
6/15 - 6/20, 2008Turks & CaicosTurks & Caicos Aggressor IIFirst liveaboard.  Vis was about 80 feet.  Excellent time scenting sharks (reef and nurse).  Scared by a shark in a hole.  Nudibranch, lots of night diving, lion fish.
Favorite Sites: Le Dome, G-Spot, Driveway, Gullies, Elephant Ear Canyon
(6 dives)
8/9/2008Bainbridge Quarry, PennsylvaniaAqua VenturesAdvanced Open Water Certification.   Interesting time with weight problem, saw lots of murk.  Vis was low (15 feet), but that is apparently high for the quarry.  Temp was 80 on the surface, and 50 by about 45 feet.
Favorite Sites: None.
(18 dives)
8/30 - 9/4/2008Bonaire, Netherlands AntillesGreat Adventures Bonaire80+ Vis for most of the trip.  Some excellent shore diving in the south where the boats tend to not go.  Wind reversal meant rough seas for our last day of diving, forcing us to Klein Bonaire.
Favorite Sites: Atlantis, Margate Bay, Red Beryl
(16 dives)
11/23 - 28/2008Turneffe Atoll and Lighthouse Reef, BelizeTurneffe Island LodgeNot great visibility, about 60-70 feet at best for most of the trip.  Still, we saw lots of small things and were able to do some long dives with very few people.
Favorite Sites: The Great Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye Wall, The Elbow
(18 dives)
3/28-4/3/2009Bonaire, Netherlands AntillesDive Friends BonaireWater was a little chilly compared to other times that we've been to Bonaire.  Still good vis (80 feet or so), and we had a great time shore diving.
Favorite Sites: Candyland, LaDania's Leap, Margate Bay, Night Dive on Klein Bonaire.
(16 dives)
7/2 - 7/7/2009Little Cayman, Cayman IslandsSouthern Cross ClubWe had quite a bit of wind, so we still haven't gotten really really great vis in Little Cayman.  The water was sometimes choppy.  We did have some fun with an octopus, squid, and lots of grouper.
Favorite Sites: Nancy's Cup of Tea, Bus Top, Coconut Walk, Lea Lea's Lookout, Blacktip Boulevard
(2 dives)
10/3/2009Bainbridge Quarry, PennsylvaniaAqua VenturesDiver Stress & Rescue Certification.  We did some skills, and worked through several scenarios for navigation (search patterns), identifying stress and worked through some rescues.  Weather was absolutely perfect and everything we could ask for in a quarry dive.
Favorite Sites: None.
(26 dives)
11/22 - 11/27/2009Kona Coast, HawaiiKona Aggressor IISome chilly water, quite a bit of swell / surge and current.  Nice dives looking for small things.  Excellent time on the Manta Ray Night Dive - 11 mantas.  Saw a Hammerhead shark!  Lots of nudibranchs and fish.
Favorite Sites: Garden Eel Cove (manta ray night dive), Aquarium, Ladders (South Point)
(6 dives)
5/22 - 5/23/2010Bainbridge Quarry, PennsylvaniaAqua VenturesObserving an open water class as a DiveCon in Training and completing certification dives for DiveCon Course.  Dive number 200 was to 89 feet in 39 degree water.  Cold and miserable, but memorable.
Favorite Sites: None
(7 dives)
5/29 - 5/31/2010Williston and High Springs, FloridaUnderwater AdventuresDiving over 3 days in Central Florida Springs.  Started with Blue Grotto, then Devil's Den, then Ginnie Springs.  Really enjoyed the near perfect visibility.
Favorite Sites: Blue Grotto, Devil's Den, Ginnie Spring, The Devil System.
(16 dives)
7/2 - 7/7/2010Little Cayman, Cayman IslandsSouthern Cross ClubOur first anniversary trip to the Cayman Islands.  Enjoyed good vis on some days, not so good vis on other days.  First few days, weather was not great - thunderstorms and heavy rain.  Much better after 7/4.
Favorite Sites: Cascades, Eagle Ray Roundup, 
(26 dives)
9/5 - 9/10/2010Turneffe Atoll and Lighthouse Reef, BelizeBelize Aggressor IIIWonderful trip with friends Bill, Terry, Nick and Gary.  Started with some questionable vis, but Lighthouse Reef was definitely up to snuff.  Very nice diving, very fun time.
Favorite Sites: Aquarium, Painted Wall, Half Moon Wall, Cathedral, Tarpon Cave
(1 dive)
10/10/2010Calvert Cliffs, Chesapeake BayCanvasbackBeautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay looking for fossils at Calvert Cliffs.
Favorite Sites: Calvert Cliffs
(30 dives)
1/25 - 2/2/2011Raja Ampat, IndonesiaRaja Ampat ExplorerOur first South Pacific diving.  Tons of fish, nudibranchs, lots of healthy amazing corals.  Our time was spent in northern Raja Ampat.  Wayag, Mansuar, Kawe, Penemu and Gam.
Favorite Sites: Manta Sandy, Magic Rock, Barracuda Point, Eagle Rock.
(10 dives)
2/4 - 2/7/2011Tulamben, Bali, IndonesiaVilla MarkisaMuck diving in beautiful Bali!  Vis and conditions were not as great as we would have wanted, but excellent critters and the best wreck we've seen.  Lots of nudibranchs, shrimp, ribbon eels.
Favorite Sites: USAT Liberty, Seraya Secrets, Coral Garden
(16 dives)
7/1-7/6/2011Little Cayman, Cayman IslandsSouthern Cross ClubOur second anniversary trip to the Cayman Islands. Pretty good vis, nice weather. Lovely time with lovely people.
Favorite Sites: Paul's Anchors, Bush Gardens, Lea Lea's Lookout
(2 dives)
7/17/2011Bainbridge Quarry, PAAqua VenturesTrip up to Bainbridge to try and get some photos, but the vis was ridiculous and the quarry was crowded. Todd was cold, I was hot. We need to work on dressing the same.
Favorite Sites: None.
(2 dives)
7/30/2011Bainbridge Quarry, PAAqua VenturesOpen water class with some students. The vis was still terrible. Only did the first day of certification dives.
Favorite Sites: None.
(4 dives)
9/10-9/11/2011Dutch Springs, PAAqua VenturesTrip that I planned with the AV team. Two dives over two days. Nice vis, Ok temperatures. Pretty good diving for Pennsylvania.
Favorite Sites: Helicopter
(2 dives)
9/24/2011Paradise Spring, FLUnderwater
Excellent dives at an interesting spring in Florida, including scorched ceiling and bones in the wall!
Favorite Sites: It's only one site.
(12 dives)
3.4-3/9/2012Saba Saba Deep / Saba DiversNot the best conditions (windy / choppy), but the diving was very nice. Saba Deep's shaft broke on the boat partway through the week and we switched to Saba Divers. Ended up doing many dives twice due to conditions and the different dive companies.
Favorite Sites: Tent Reef, Third Encounter, Man O'War
(2 dives)
6/24/2012USS Radford (Ocean City, MD)OC Dive BoatReally calm, wonderful conditions on the Atlantic. Water was warm as well. Vis was 30-40 feet. Lots of mussels and fish and a very nice wreck.
Favorite Sites: Only one site
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