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Workout Tools and Links

Diet and Exercise Tools
  • Cathe Workout Spreadsheets -  Use these to mark down your weights when doing Cathe DVDs.
  • Calorie King - The journal that I use to track my food and exercise.  Also includes a lot of calorie and nutrition information about a lot of restaurants and foods.
  • FitDay - I used to use this journal, which is free to use.  
  • Dottie's Weight Loss Zone - Weight Watchers Points lists for lots of restaurants.
  • Firm Ya Yas - A discussion forums for people who workout with videos
  • - Includes a discussion forum for those who use Cathe Videos.
Running Programs and Tools 
  • Jeff Galloway - The running program that I follow
  • Cool Running - I originally followed the Couch to 5k program when I started running.
  • Hal Higdon - Another excellent trainer
  • Gmaps Pedometer - Figure out how far you went, map your route, and find elevation charts.
Swimming Links
Other Links
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