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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Running Group, Who needs ya?

Oh, Lake Elkhorn, how I miss you.

Today is Thursday, which means running group. However, here is my little rant about running group. I do not feel included in running group. I liked running group back in the fall when it was still warm and fairly light out. As a result, lots of people of varying abilities showed up. There were big packs of people doing 2:1s and 3:1s. I had my pick of who to run with. I didn't necessarily know everyone, but it was nice.

Then, winter. It's dark and cold. People that used to come during the summer have dropped out. What's left is the hard core people. The hard core people run faster than me. They do 5:1s and say that they're not going to kill themselves, then smoke me. They don't know me, they can't seem to remember my name (for the record, it's Kim). I feel like I go every week and beg someone to run with me. Then, I can tell that they want to do more than I'm capable of. So, last time I went (two weeks ago?), I decided not to ask anyone to run with me and figured that I'd run with whomever asked ME. Well, no one asked. So, I ran alone. In the dark. A clique of blondes passed me and didn't even say hello. I was embarassed and kind of sad.

So, I'm not running with them tonight. Once the marathon program starts, there should be more people going. Or, when the time changes. Then, it will be lighter out. I want to run at Elkhorn, but it's still too dark out. In April, I can run at Elkhorn. What did I do last year?? I know that I started running in April, so how did I do it? I need to go back and read old blogs.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Shamrock 5k

Yesterday, I ran the Shamrock 5k. I didn't want to run this race. Well, I did when I first signed up for it. Then, everyone that I had wanted to run with turned out to be injured. So, I was angry for this race. I was angry that I hadn't run in days, I was angry that I was sore from a weight workout on Saturday. I was angry at Dave's knee. I was angry at Todd's knee. I was angry that Sharon lives in Tampa, because if she didn't she certainly would have run with me. Angry.

The first part of the course was down Charles street - all down hill. That was nice. It was a crowded race and it was hard to move. I only walked a very small portion of the race - about 30 seconds at the one water stop during mile 3. Then, like in Tampa, it was so crowded at the finish that I could barely move. We watched the St. Patrick's Day parade, which happened immediately after. Martin O'Malley personally thanked Dave for his support (he was wearing an O'Malley sticker). I love Martin O'Malley. I was hoping he would be wearing a sleeveless shirt (or no shirt!!), but no. Erlich was in the parade, too. I wondered if they wanted to punch each other. Bob Erlich needs a new haircut.

Anyway, gun time for the race - 38:44, chip time 37:04. I guess that's not bad for a race that I wasn't prepared for. Results.

In other news, on my way back from Atlanta, we sat with a woman who works in a Vein center. I know I've mentioned my varicose vein before. The good news is that her vein center takes insurance. The bad news is that it's almost certain that if I go in, I will be told not to run. Not to run a marathon, not to run at all. She told me to do elliptical machine. I just laughed at her, I did elliptical in February and nearly went crazy with boredom. So, that's very very bad. How important are my veins? How important is running?? I have a big choice to make.

What else... Saturday, I weeded my flowerbed. Here is my confession to Sandra. I let the azalea die. It is no longer living. The vines that Sandra put in for groundcover are still alive, as is the lavendar. But the azalea? Not so alive. It's not something that would have been covered over warranty, I don't think they cover "failure to water." However, I weeded the flowerbed and it looks great now! (Except for the dead azalea). I think I'm going to put in a butterfly bush in its place. I just don't know when to plant it. Since I'm feeling ambitious, I feel like I should do it soon. And I'm going to invest in something to automatically water my plants. And I'm going to get weed suppressant.

We are also thinking of putting a new flowerbed in the backyard. This is a big project that worries me. Duke has extra daylily bulbs and offered them to me. I could put them back there. We'll see.
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