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Monday, July 10, 2006

2006 Pikesville 5k

The first 5k I've run twice. It wasn't so good. Kristy, Sue and I decided at the start to run together and to do 3:1s. The gun blew and it was TOO FAST. Sue tends to do that, but I was stupid because I should have known better than to try and keep up when I knew it was too fast. Sue lost Kristy and I almost immediately, but the damage was done. We had started out too fast. At the first turn-around, we saw Todd right behind Alla and cheered, since he was going for a PR (like I was).

Our first mile, doing 3:1s, was 10:41. About right for us considering the heat and slight hills, etc, but we were tired. Sometime during mile 2, we switched to 2:1s. I was hurting, my calves were hurting. Mile 2 was 11:47, a whole minute slower. Ugh. Everything sucked. Alla passed us with no Todd anywhere in sight. He passed a while later and Kristy noted that he didn't look happy. He was struggling too had made a mistake following Alla.

On mile 3, my left foot fell asleep for no good reason. It felt like I was running on nails. We took some extra walk breaks and Kristy was nice for slowing down with me. I sprinted the last little bit, feeling disappointed that I was missing my goal time of under 35 minutes. People were cheering at the finish line and something about it made me sprint faster, but Kristy still edged me out by 2 seconds. I finished in 35:48, 7 seconds from matching my Baltimore 5k time and my personal record. Todd missed his PR by 4 seconds. Suck.

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