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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sea Things #3: Queen Angelfish

Sea Things is a regular feature on my blog where I profile a different sea creature. Look for it weekly, or something close to weekly.

From Turks & Caicos Underwater (resize)

Queen Angelfishes are probably one of my favorite fishes.  How can they not be?  They are just too beautiful for words.  Their name comes from the "crown" that you see on the front of their heads, but they are definitely the most beautiful and colorful of all of the angelfish - at least in the Caribbean.  They can actually grow quite large - up to 3 1/2 pounds and 18 inches in length. 

For food, they tend to eat sponges and algae, sea fans, and soft corals.  They are often seen in pairs.  In fact, I've been told that angelfish in general mate for life, so, as British Divemaster Mark from Little Cayman says, "perhaps if you see one alone, it's a right ugly one."  As a result, I usually feel pretty terrible when I see an angel alone.

For the most part, I've found Queen Angels to be found mostly in deeper water (30-40 feet and below, but often I only seem them at 80 feet or more), and they are usually skittish and won't stay still for a photograph.  Many times, if I try to point a pair out to Todd, they're gone before I can show him, or they're so far below us that I know he won't be able to get a picture.  The most I've ever seen at once was in Turks & Caicos around Le Dome, near Provo.  However, I have seen them pretty much everywhere else that we've been as well.  The hand signal for a Queen Angel is to take one hand and point towards your forehead, moving your finger around in a circle, as if tracing the crown there.

Basically, if you're looking for a colorful, and striking fish in the Caribbean, this is the one for you.

From SCC Photo Contest

Is there a creature that you would like to see featured in Sea Things? If so, shoot me an email and if I can, I'll write about it.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Private: Mom's 70th Birthday

Mom's 70th Birthday

Note: This post is private and you're gonna have to email me if you want access.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Private: Wedding Plans and Thoughts

Wedding Plans and Thoughts

Note: This is an entry on my private blog.  If you want access, you should email me to get it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

TIART: Oh, The Things I Didn't Know

This week's Take it and Run Thursday theme is ... Yeah, no one ever told me this about running....  Now that you are a runner, what is something you have learned about running that no one ever told you before.   You didn't read it in a book, a blog or hear it from a friend or another runner.  Or...maybe you did, but you didn't understand it or remember it until you learned it yourself.

Since I was never athletic in general, there are a lot of things that I didn't know about sports, let alone running.  But, let's just talk about a few things:

  1. I didn't know how social running could be.  I always figured that you just spend your time dying, breathing hard and working.  But, no.  Running is so very social and I love my running friends.  We have tons of conversations about lots of things (and that is next week's topic!).  Maybe if I'd known how much quality time I'd get to spend with awesome people, I'd have started running earlier.
  2. I was surprised to find that, for me at least, while 5ks seem to be the easy choice and they way to go, once I started running longer, I never wanted to go back to the 3.1 mile distance.  You have to maintain a tough pace to be competitive.  Longer distance seems so much easier to me.
  3. I definitely didn't know that running could be so damned expensive.  Between clothes (especially winter clothes), shoes, race fees, and electronic doo dads, running can be a terribly expensive sport.
  4. I didn't know how many people there are out there who are just like me.  I really thought that I was the only one who was new to running, or who had never been an athlete before.  But, the truth is, there are tons of folks who are just starting out and want to be runners.  I meet them all the time, and it rocks.
There you have it.  I'm interested in seeing what others have to say because I felt like there are tons more that I've forgotten.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sea Things #2: White Spotted Toadfish

Sea Things is a regular feature on my blog where I profile a different sea creature. Look for it weekly, or something close to weekly.
From Belize 2008 Underwater (sized)

The White Spotted Toadfish, or Sanopus astrifer, is one of the coolest fish I've seen so far. They are native to Belize and only Belize (well, ok, occasionally in Honduras), so you won't find them in other parts of the Caribbean. They are found in holes in the reef, and usually look just like the photo above - staring out of the entrance of the hole with a disapproving look on their face. They are curious, and can be coaxed to the entrace of the hole if they are deeper inside. Our divemaster in Belize would click a carabiner at the Toadfish and he would move more towards the entrace of the hole to see what was going on.

The craziest thing about White Spotted Toadfish is the noise that they make underwater. It sounds like a chainsaw, and I was convinced that the sound I was hearing in Belize was the sound of the boat circling above. Nope, it was the toadfish, doing a pefect imitation of a Craftsman. The hand signal that divers use is to hold one hand up to the bottom of your chin, fingers down, and wiggle your fingers - an imitation of the cute little beards found on the toadfish. I was excited to have found one before the divemaster did when we were on our trip in Belize! I thought at first that it was a spotted eel, but when I looked closer, I didn't know what it was, then I remembered the dive briefing where toadfish were mentioned.

They're super-cool and totally worth going to Belize to see. I'm hoping that we will be returning to Belize within the next few years, so hopefully Todd will be able to take some more pictures of this really awesome animal.
Is there a creature that you would like to see featured in Sea Things? If so, shoot me an email and if I can, I'll write about it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dave Barry on Diving

In my search for books to read in my upcoming dive trip, I stumbled upon this article by Dave Barry on Scuba Diving...  Blub Story.  Very hilarious.  And quite true.

I need books...  Because, you know, I don't have enough books.  And Todd's mom gave me an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday.  Thinking of reading my friend Kate's latest.  Gotta get them soon, as I am seriously running out of time.

Has anyone read Pillars of the Earth?  Is it too heavy to be a vacation read?

TIART: Summer Gear

This week's Take it and Run Thursday theme is ... Gotta' Have It - Summer Gear and Tips!  Tell us about your must have summer gear to get you through hot runs, long runs, and your favorite races.   Running is a simple sport made more enjoyable by shirts that keep us cool, hats that keep the sun out of our faces, bottles that don't bounce, and your personal tricks of keeping cool.   

I hate running in the heat, I really do.  I've said this before.  I want to someday live in Florida and the only really really bad thing that I can think of about living in Florida has got to be the heat.  Winter running is great!  Still, I do have some tips to help with keeping cool.

Clothing is the biggest thing.  Dress for comfort, not for style.  Don't wear cotton!  Cotton absorbs water and sweat and holds on to it.  What you need to make sure you do is dress in breathable, technical fabrics so that sweat and moisture is wicked away from your skin, allowing you to keep cool.  This is kind of a basic running "law" that few people who run regularly break.  I know it sounds weird, and I'm not going to agree or disagree, but when someone sees you on the trail wearing a cotton t-shirt, you stand a high risk of not being taken seriously as a runner, and you might just get some comments.  So, it's almost like it's not just about keeping cool.

I used to be really sensitive about covering my thighs and arms so that people wouldn't see my fat jiggling.  That all changed in the summer of 2006 when suddenly I was doing much longer mileage in much higher temps and humidity.  I dress for comfort now, and I realize that those that I run with have their own jiggles and don't judge me based on how fat or not fat my thighs are.  For this reason, running has really helped my self esteem (and I love my running group!)  :)  So, my next word of advice is to not worry about looks and dress for comfort.  The only people who might say something about your thighs are probably at home still in bed, anyway.

The next thing to have is a way of getting water.  Personally, I prefer the Amphipod belts, and I have this one.  I've had it since 2006, and I'm thinking of trying out a new one soon, but haven't decided what (money is tight and I have a perfectly fine water belt, after all).  What I like about it is that it has 4 bottles that clip on, and the clips can be removed so that you can add on more or less bottles, or add on more or less pouches for carrying things (like gu or cell phones, or a camera for a big race, or some wet wipes).  What I dislike about my water belt is that it can be difficult to clip the bottles in during a run when you have sweaty hands, especially if you purchase the bigger bottles that don't fit quite so easily.  For shorter runs, I will sometimes carry a hand-held water bottle (like this one).  I don't necessarily like having the water belt around my waist, so it's nice to have it in my hand for a run that is short enough that I can stand carrying a bottle that long.

As far as non-gear suggestions go, I prefer running in the morning when it is hot.  I find it so much more comfortable to be outside at 7am rather than 6pm.  When it gets really hot, I stay inside on the treadmill.  And if it's a long run day, I will find a way to park a car with a cooler in it at the halfway point of the run.  It's nice to be able to freshen up with cool water or gatorade, and some snacks.  Try salty snacks to help replace salt that is lost from sweating.

Finally, on long runs - and my running group HATES me for this - start running in the dark.  5:15am is about as early as we go, but by the end of the season, the sun isn't rising until 6:30 and we often aren't turning off our headlights until we're at our water stop.  There are a lot of reasons why I put my group through this.  The biggest is safety.  We run on a trail that is popular for cyclists and families, and it is nice to be off the trail before a lot of the cyclists start their rides.  We are a big group, and we can be hard to avoid for a guy on a bike going 17 mph.  On 5:15 start days, we often won't see a bike for the first 2 hours of our run, and that is the safest way to be.  Also, the heat and sunshine won't bother us in the dark.  And the most awesome advantage to starting so early?  Running in the dark is fun!  When you're heading back to your car, it's like you haven't seen that part of the trail yet.  It's important to have a headlamp or flashlight if you're going to do this (I don't like flashlights because they tend to get waved all around and the bouncing light makes me nauseous).  Or, if running in the street in the dark, you should have reflective gear.

I hope someone finds these tips useful, enjoy your summer running!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sea Things #1: Flamingo Tongues

Introducing a new feature for my blog: Sea Things! I don't blog about scuba diving very much, because few of my regular readers are divers (maybe that's a Catch-22 - perhaps I'd have more diving readers if I blogged about diving more?). Anyway, since the ins and outs of scuba probably aren't super interesting, I thought I'd talk more about the fabulous things that we see underwater. Each of these posts will include a photo and some interesting facts about the animals that Todd and I see underwater. (This also gives me a chance to show off Todd's photos!)

From 2009 Bonaire - Best of Resized

Meet the Flamingo Tongue. Flamingo Tongues are just all over the place in Bonaire, and people love finding them. They are a mollusk, and their scientific name is Cyphoma gibbosum. They are carnivorous, and they eat sea rods, sea fans and gorgonians. They leave a little trail of munched-on sea rod behind them. Don't worry, the sea fans and such usually bounce back quickly and the Flamingo Tongue doesn't really kill them. Usually, they are about an inch long, and if you come up on a sea fan, gorgonian or sea rod, you can often find one or more out and about on them. On a gorgonian, check on the very bottom near the base, or on the thicker part of it.

From 2009 Bonaire - Best of Resized

Flamingo Tongues are very cool. Often, you can see their little mollusk-foot sticking out from under them, which they use to move. They have neato spots on them, which sometimes you can't see because they're actually on tissue that is on the outside of the shell. They can retract this tissue, and when that happens you don't get to see their spots.
There isn't a diver hand signal for a Flamingo Tongue that I know of, but I made one up while underwater in Bonaire this spring, and Todd knew what I was talking about when I did it, so I suppose I've created a hand signal. What I did was to put up an index finger on one hand and then grasp around the finger with my other hand, as if I was a Flamingo Tongue on a sea rod.
I've seen a LOT of Flamingo Tongues, and they're found in all of the diving destinations where we have been thus far. Lately, I have been searching for their rarer cousin, the Fingerprint Cyphoma, but I haven't found one. I saw a Fingerprint Cyphoma once in Bonaire in 2007, but I hadn't been diving long enough to know how rare they are. Only one Fingerprint Cyphoma is found for every 10,000 Flamingo Tongues. While I've found a lot of Flamingo Tongues, I haven't found quite that many.

From 2009 Bonaire - Best of Resized

Is there a creature that you would like to see featured in Sea Things? If so, shoot me an email and if I can, I'll write about it.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It is my birthday.

What to write about, what to write about.

Well, it's my birthday. I was born at 10:39am on June 16, 1978. It was a Friday. I was a c-section. My mom wanted my birthday to be June 17, because that is the same as my sisters' birthdays (they are twins). The doctor was going out of town (to Ocean City) for the weekend and preferred to do the C-section on Friday before he left for the beach. I was a planned c-section because my mom had given birth to a stillborn baby years before. It worked out for me, since here I am! In the end, I was happy to have been born on the 16th and not the 17th because I have *my* special day that I don't have to share with my sisters.

Growing up, June 16 was nice because it was equidistant from Christmas, so when people gave me clothes, I would receive both winter and summer clothes for both holidays. However, this day wasn't nice because it tended to fall so close to both the end of school and Father's Day. The end of school meant it was questionable if I was going to be able to have cupcakes or whatever at school. Sometimes my birthday was the last day of school, which was kind of interesting. Often, my family would plan my birthday party on Father's Day and as a result, a lot of my friends couldn't come.

I'm not sure what is up with June 16, but I know a bunch of folks that share my birthday. Not famous people, mind you, just regular folks. In middle school, my best friend (Becky) was also born on June 16th. One of my best friends from middle/high school (Johnny) also has his birthday today. My cousin, Paul, was born on June 16. I see from Facebook that 3 other people on my friends list are celebrating birthdays today.

My most memorable birthday was my 14th, which was in 1992. I had been sick for weeks and no one knew what was wrong. It was the last day of school and it was a half day for some reason. I got home from school and took a nap because I wasn't feeling well. I woke up and took my temperature (something I'd gotten into the habit of doing since I'd gotten sick in late May), and discovered that I had a temperature of 104. I called my mom at work, who came home and took me to the doctor. I ended up being admitted to the hospital the next day and stayed there three weeks. I had appendicitis with complications, but I won't go into detail. I missed my birthday party - Becky and I were having a combined party at Becky's house and I called the party from my hospital room and talked to a few of my friends. I ended up having a sleepover of my own on August 8.

While that was my most memorable, it certainly wasn't my favorite. I had a nice birthday for my 21st, which was in 1999. My mom took me to Atlantic City, and the next day my boyfriend proposed. I won't go into detail on that story, either.

I don't think a birthday can really compare to my 30th, which was last year. At the moment that I turned 30, I was underwater in Turks & Caicos, diving with the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II. That night, the cook made a special cake that was unique because it was decorated with vegetables. I wish I could be there now. It's hard to do better than a diving birthday in the Caribbean. Maybe a diving birthday in the Pacific.

This year, we are going out for sushi. Last year, I observed fish, this year I will eat fish. It all works out. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cathe STS System In Review

So, overall this was a wonderful investment. I think of it this way... My other planned alternative was to go to a personal trainer. Usually, trainers cost somewhere around $60 a session. I went 13 weeks on this plan, 3x per week. Even if I'm generous and say that I had 2 off weeks and that maybe I could lower it to training with a trainer 2x per week, that still puts the cost of equivalent personal training at $1320 for this program. I paid $299 (I think), and I get to start it again in July and do it all over! That is a tremendous savings!!

First, let's discuss what I liked. I LOVED Plyo Legs! I thought they were awesome and can't imagine buying a squat rack in order to do the squat rack portion instead. I'm plyo legs all the way. Going through those workouts made me feel strong and powerful. At the end, I was tired but felt great. I love, love, LOVED them.

I thought all of the mesocycles were good and served their purposes well. Mesocycle 1 had shorter workouts, and moved a lot faster. Mesocycle 3 included long, slow workouts, but very heavy weights so that's understandable.

My only real complaint is that I wish Cathe would have gotten on with it sometimes... There is a timer on the screen that counts down to show you how much time is left in the rest period and at times Cathe kept talking after the timer went down, or she wasted a bunch of time chit chatting and then wasn't ready to start when the timer reached zero. This is fine when it's the first time doing a particular exercise and maybe she wants to give a form pointer, but it got annoying in Mesocycle 3 when we'd been doing the same exercises over and over for three weeks.

As for results, I have consistently been faster in my running since starting STS. I have set 2 PRs, and when I run, I feel stronger and better. Running has been easier, hills have been easier, and I've been faster. I've lost a tiny bit of weight (2 or 3 pounds), but my clothes are fitting better. I can get into my "skinny jeans." I can feel the muscle tone in my arms and I expect after completing the STS program a second time, I'll be able to better see this tone, rather than just feeling it.

Next week, I start doing my 1 Rep Max tests again to prepare for doing STS. I can't wait to see how much stronger I've become! I give the system a thumbs up, and definitely recommend it.

I'll be starting STS again in July, after we get home from our trip to Little Cayman. I won't be blogging it weekly like I did this time, though. Expect some updates, but not a ton. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

TIART: Running Dads

This week's Take it and Run Thursday topic is Running Dads. I should have known this was coming.

Writing about fathers and writing about my father in particular is a strange subject for me. I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that there was nothing normal about my father or my relationship with my father when I was growing up. While I understand better now than ever why he was what he was and did the things he did, Father's Day still isn't my favorite holiday in the world. Perhaps if my dad had been a runner, he would have had a different way to express himself when he needed to do so. Perhaps if he'd been a runner, I would have been more likely to take up running at an earlier age. Perhaps if he'd been a runner, he wouldn't have the health problems that he has today. Let's just suffice it to say that my dad has made some hefty mistakes in his life, and whether or not he's ever been out on a run really hasn't been top on my list of gripes about him...


Let's talk about someone else. I went through my list of folks I run with, and I run mostly with women. All of my good running friends are women. Those that I know that are men... well, for the most part, they don't have kids or else I don't know them well enough to speak on the subject. Perhaps I should mention Doug, whose wife is expecting their first baby!! He is GOING to be a running dad. Perhaps I should mention Bobby, who has taught his son (Jeremy) everything he knows about running. But, no. Neither of those are right, so let's just talk about Frank.

Frank is my brother-in-law, married to my wonderful sister. They have two kids. Frank is a runner, and both he and Sharon have spent time being active and healthy with their kids. They do things together. They do Relay for Life. They encourage their kids to participate in sports without pusing them. They're just all around good parents. Now, if only Frank could encourage Sharon to do a race with me....... :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Race for Our Kids 10K 2009

I really hate this race, but it fits into our race schedule so somehow I've done it four times. Usually, I sign up and dread it, but this year I signed up hoping to get a PR. I didn't, but I got my second best time, so that is good. I don't even know how I got that PR in 2006, except that I didn't know what I was in for at the end of the race. That is my only explanation.

This year was slightly cooler, but a lot less humid than years past. That meant it was a tad more comfortable running. I still wish they'd either start the 10K before the 5K or start both races earlier, as I'm certain that would make for a lot more comfortable running.

I pretty much expected to run alone this race. I had a couple of group members running, but they weren't exactly my pace, so I wasn't sure they'd really run with me. I also had a co-worker's wife running, but she doesn't walk/run, so I figured she'd probably take off. And that is pretty much what happened.

The problem was that the first mile is downhill, and so I need to hit it hard in order to stay on pace. I know that is counter-intuitive, since we'd normally want negative splits, but you can kill this first mile without using too much energy. I wanted to get through the first mile in 11 minutes, but I ended up having some distractions and other things going on with my group and couldn't speed up as fast as I wanted to. I did the first mile in 11:50, which was just where I needed to be in order to PR.

At mile 2, the uphills start and I slowed all the way down to 12:50, so I had a full minute to make up. When I saw that, I figured that the PR was probably not likely, just a matter of circumstance and how things were going, and so I dropped my intervals to 1:1 and decided to just sit back and enjoy the race. It was a nice day, and I chose to just be out for a run.

As a result, it ended up being a nice day for a run. Mile markers went by quickly and I felt like I was done the race in no time. I just ran at a pace that felt comfortable and didn't really push myself to the edge of my ability, per se. The short intervals allowed me to really go fast during my runs, which felt good, and the walking was pleasant.

Then, came the old lady. You see, I was way in the back of the pack, with only a few runners behind me. For the first time, they appear to have closed Smith Avenue for this race, usually we're running on the non-existent shoulder or sidewalk. This time, we were in the street and I took full advantage. It always feels better to run more towards the middle of the lane anyway, because the road is less slanted there. Well, along came this old woman in a big Buick. She pulled up behind me in the closed lane and tailgated me. She WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING THERE - THE ROAD WAS CLOSED! I was annoyed. I refused to move for her. She laid on the horn. I turned around and gave her the finger. (I was already irritated at this point because she was not the first inconsiderate driver that I had met along my way). When an opening came that she could pass, she did, and I was so angry at her that I hit her trunk with my fist. Hard. She deserved it, trust me. She didn't stop or anything, and when she got down to the next cross street, a cop yelled at her and told her to get off the road.

That was about it. The hill at the end of the race was a piece of cake, I just pictured myself running on my hill training at home. I made good time. I actually enjoyed this race for the first time since 2006. (Well, you know, except for the old lady, but she was minor and I was so angry at her that I actually increased my pace by like 45 seconds on that mile).

So, shocker - Race for our Kids was a good race! I ended up at 1:17, which is not a PR, but my second best time, and I was over a minute faster than in 2008. That's a good thing.

Plus, at the end, Todd introduced me to Debbie Phelps (Michael Phelps' mom). She was very nice.

Here are the results (If you're looking for me, though, I used an alias on this race, LOL)

Past years:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Boat Quiz

Given a movie, TV Show or book or whatever, name the boat, ship, submarine or other vessel associated with it. Example: If I said Titanic, you would respond with Titanic. No cheating! We all know you know how to use google.

  1. An Affair to Remember
  2. The Perfect Storm
  3. Jaws
  4. Forrest Gump
  5. The Love Boat
  6. Gilligan's Island
  7. Crimson Tide
  8. Showboat
  9. The Hunt for Red October (NO, name the AMERICAN sub)
  10. Das Boot
  11. Moby Dick
  12. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  13. Pirates of the Caribbean (name Jack's ship)
  14. Pirates of the Caribbean (name Davey Jones' ship)
  15. Treasure Island
  16. The Abyss (name the ship on the surface, or if you want, name the sub that sank)
  17. Captain Ron
foxdeath has 11 correct.
Nick F has 9 correct.
Wacky Neighbor has 7 correct.

STS Week 14 in Review

This morning, I did the very last workout of the STS System.  How cool!

This week, for upper body I focused on doing the same number of reps as in week 1 of mesocycle 3 (which is 8 reps), but doing the weight from week 2 (which is when I did 7 reps and that weight was 5% higher than in week 1).  Since I was able to lift the 5% higher weight for the full 8 reps, that means I'm 5% stronger after 4 weeks.  Pretty cool, huh?

As far as lower body, it was still plyo legs.  I have to admit, I'm going to miss doing plyo legs.  I can't wait for Cathe's STS Shock Cardio, which I've pre-ordered.  I'm hoping Shock Cardio will be a lot like the things that I love about plyo legs - quick bursts of high intensity workouts that will help me burn calories and get stronger and more powerful.  Plyo legs was tough, but good.  I feel better having done them.

This week, I've been very tired.  I am not sure exactly what it is, but I have been pretty exhausted all week long.  I finally got to sleep in some this morning (tonight is another all-nighter at work, so I took the opportunity to get some extra sleep), so hopefully that will help.  I think my body is definitely ready for my one week of active recovery from STS.

I also did some more work with Total Immersion.  I admit, it's not the easiest thing in the world.  Is my swim stroke getting better?  Honestly, who knows.  I will continue with it and see how things go, because it gives me focus in the pool.  We made it to the pool twice this week (should have been three times except for random weather Wednesday night).  I should be there again this weekend to get some more time in.

With running, things are going well, but I've flet pretty tired with that, too.  As much as I'd like to slow down, I am really having trouble doing anything other than pushing myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays for my short runs.  It's gotten hot and Tuesday's run was pretty hot and miserable as a result, but I'm still keeping it fairly fast.  I have the Race for Our Kids 10K this weekend, and I'm hoping to set a new PR.  It will be tough, so we shall see.

What's next?  Well, like I said, there's a week off from STS, and then I will busy myself with getting ready to start my new round of STS in mid-July.  Look for an overall review of the STS system next week here on the blog.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Private: I'm so MEAN!

I'm so MEAN!

Note: This is a private blog post on my private blog and you'll have to email me if you want access.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review: Twilight (The Movie)

This review is pretty belated because I have been pretty busy the past month or so.  I watched the Twilight movie a while back, while Todd was in Florida.  And...

Are you sitting down?

I liked it.

You know WHY I liked it?  Well, I mean, first of all, Edward is played by Cedric Diggory, and you can't beat that.  Even though he was still majorly creepy and I can't imagine being in love with someone who wants to eat you, he's hot.  Fine, I'll admit he's hot.   I'm too old for him though.

Anyway, why did I like it?  Because I didn't have to listen to Bella's internal dialogue the whole time or read all of that drivel about Edward's eyes.  It was SO MUCH easier to just enjoy the movie than to deal with all of that BS.  I thought it was pretty ok, for what it was.  So, I didn't feel like it was a total waste of my time like Mama Mia! was.

In the meantime, some people (Natalie) have been further pushing me to read the other two Twilight books.  Ugh.  Maybe I will, who knows.  I have a big list of books to read and at least it will give me something to blog about when I trash them.  So, I'll give that a solid maybe.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Recipe: Wild Salmon on Cedar Plank

I told Alyssa that I'd make my Grilled Salmon this weekend so that I could guage how much of each ingredient I use.  Then, I decided to try using fresh thyme instead of my usual dried thyme, since I'm growing thyme in my garden this year.  I have heard that some fresh herbs will get bitter, so I looked online to see how it would go and found a different recipe for cedar plank salmon that I haven't done before.  Since it includes not only fresh thyme, but also fresh oregano, rosemary and parsley (all of which I'm growing this year), I decided to try it instead.

Todd liked it more than I did.  I thought it was just ok.  Had I never had my original cedar planked salmon recipe, I might have thought it was good.  But, no, not AT ALL better than my recipe.  It needed some more flavor, and something else added in, although I wasn't sure what.  I thought it was slightly not tasty and I likely will not make it again.

Still, give it a try if you like, it wasn't horrible, and it doesn't contain the sugar that is in my recipe (although it contains wine, so it's still got sugar in it).  

I have more salmon in the freezer, so I will make my recipe soon and post it.

Private: Something Just Freaked Me Out...

Something Just Freaked Me Out...

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I'm making progress, check out my average pace per month this year compared to last year:
  • January, 2008: avg pace 14:13/mi
  • January, 2009: avg pace 13:04/mi
  • February, 2008: avg pace 13:33/mi
  • February, 2009: avg pace 12:55/mi
  • March, 2008: avg pace 13:27/mi
  • March, 2009: avg pace 13:00/mi
  • April, 2008: avg pace 13:53/mi
  • April, 2009: avg pace 13:17/mi
  • May, 2008: avg pace 13:16/mi
  • May, 2009: 12:47/mi
And I'm running close to the same race schedule as last year (except last year I ran the Disney Marathon and this year I ran the Disney Half Marathon in January). This is making me really happy and I'm realizing that I really can get faster. That is good news.
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